What We do

E & P Upstream

Oilmax Energy has a portfolio spread in India and Romania at present. We are actively evaluating assets in strategically aligned areas such as Far East Asia, Africa, Middle East and Russia etc.

We follow a robust workflow starting from regional evaluation to basin evaluation and finally to block level details. The workflow is a blend with Geoscientific and engineering practices coupled with leading edge technologies. In exploration our emphasis have been to target multiple reservoirs to reduce the risk and enhance the chance of success. The process is further supplemented by multiple attribute analysis and direct hydrocarbon indicator studies. The area of interest encompasses a variety of geological settings, starting from Clastics to carbonates and deltaic to complex intricate structures.

We concurrently evaluate and pursue the unconventional resources such as Shale gas, Shale Oil, tight gas, basin centric gas etc.

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Offshore Services

Oilmax, in an exclusive partnership with Mercator Ltd., has capabilities in planning, designing and executing low cost, fast track EPC conversions of Jack Up rigs to MOPU and tankers to FSO/ FPSO on a globally competitive basis.

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FPU, Ebok ( MOPU FSO )

In 2010, Mercator and Oilmax secured a contract to build, lease and operate an FPU for Afren PLC. This complex project was executed in record time. The FPU has been operating in Nigeria from April 2011 with more than 98% uptime.

Gas Marketing

Oilmax plans to utilize its technical and commercial expertise to bring energy to India in the form of LNG and explore gas marketing domain including setting up of FSRU units.